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The Esri Training site is being reinvented from the ground up. We're putting a host of authoritative learning resources for the ArcGIS platform at your fingertips—all in one central collection that you can access anytime from anywhere.

Your Location for Lifelong Learning

Do you want to master a unique GIS technique? Find time-saving tips to speed up your ArcGIS projects? Become a mapping maestro? The new Esri Training site will be the go-to place for individuals to continually grow their geospatial skills and for organizations to build and sustain ArcGIS capabilities across their entire workforce.

Common Questions

Who is the new Esri Training site for?
The Esri Training site is for individuals and organizations that use the ArcGIS platform. Students, educators, and professionals of all ages and career stages will benefit from the learning resources found on the new site. Some of those resources will be freely available to everyone.

All customers that have an Esri qualifying product with a current maintenance subscription will receive unlimited access to all self-paced e-Learning resources on the new site. Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor for details.
What is the purpose of this new website?
The purpose is to help ArcGIS users easily acquire the skills they need to be productive right away and support their longer-term learning goals. The new site simplifies access to authoritative learning resources related to GIS and the ArcGIS platform. All content is professionally curated and tagged for easy discovery.

Visit the new Esri Training site to acquire technology skills, explore concepts that underlie GIS applications, learn about new Esri products and capabilities, and identify best practices for your organization′s GIS workflows.

As you build your skills, you will also enjoy an engaging and intuitive learning experience. It all starts in the catalog, where you find relevant content and start learning right away or save items to a wish list for later. You can sign up for an instructor-led class or embark on a learning plan to explore a topic in detail, then track your progress from your personal dashboard.

The new Esri Training site is dedicated to the idea that learning should be easy, timely, and fun. Over time, even more features will be added to motivate and engage learners.
What types of learning resources will be available on the new site?
The new site will centralize access to

  • Web courses
  • Training seminars
  • Esri videos
  • Learn ArcGIS lessons
  • GeoInquiries, Mapping Our World, and Thinking Spatially lessons for educators
  • SpatiaLABS (hands-on software exercises and data used in educational settings)
  • MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  • Esri Press books*
  • Esri technical certification exam vouchers*
  • Instructor-led classes and workshops**

*Available for purchase
**Available for purchase by US customers
Will Virtual Campus courses still be available on the new site?
Yes, self-paced courses that currently use the Virtual Campus name will be part of the authoritative collection of learning resources you'll find on the new site.
How do I know if I have, or my organization has, an Esri qualifying product with a current maintenance subscription?
You can check with your GIS or IT department, check the product maintenance information tables at, or contact Esri Customer Service for assistance. If your organization is located outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

Qualifying products include many Esri subscriptions and programs. Some of the most popular are listed below.
  • ArcGIS Online organizational subscriptions
  • ArcGIS for Personal Use Program
  • Esri Enterprise Agreements
  • Esri Small Enterprise Agreements
  • Esri Higher Education Enterprise License (Education Site License)
  • Esri Developer Network (EDN)
  • Esri Nonprofit Program
  • Esri Startup Program
What if my organization doesn't have a current maintenance subscription?
The new site will include some free e-Learning resources that are accessible to everyone. Additionally, visit the Esri Training site to attend free live training seminars, find and register for instructor-led classes, attend instructor-led online classes, purchase Esri Press books, and explore Esri technical certifications.
I'm an Esri customer with current maintenance. Can everyone in my organization access e-Learning resources on the Esri Training site?
Yes, all members of your organization may access self-paced e-Learning resources when the new Esri Training site is released.
How do I set up access to e-Learning resources for my team?
Your team members will need an Esri account that is connected to your My Esri organization. An Esri account can be created here. If any team members have an Esri account that is not connected to your organization, they can go to the My Esri site and submit the Request Permissions form to get connected.

Your organization's My Esri administrator approves requests to connect.

Once connected to your My Esri organization, your team members may visit the Esri Training site at any time, find content they're interested in, and start learning right away.
I'm taking an e-Learning course on the Esri Training site now. Will my access change when the new site is released?
All those that have purchased an e-Learning course prior to the new site release will have uninterrupted access throughout the normal access term (one year from the date the course access code was issued).

If you are part of an organization that has a current maintenance subscription for an Esri qualifying product, you may request to be connected to your organization using the Request Permissions form on the My Esri site. Once connected, you will be able to access all self-paced e-Learning when the new site launches.
My organization is located outside the United States. Who do I talk to about access to the new site's learning resources?
Please contact your local Esri distributor.
I need more information. Who should I contact?
Email your question to
How do I get to the new Esri Training site?
Continue to use to get to the site. We invite you to visit and have fun exploring all the resources there.

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