ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Access even more data with a Plus subscription

Plus Subscription
Coming November 2017

ArcGIS Maps for Power BI gives you the power of maps and demographic data inside Microsoft Power BI. Use it to create compelling map visualizations that inform your decisions and tell better stories.

With a Plus subscription, businesses seeking deeper location-based insights into their data will have access to global demographics, expanded data mapping, and an authoritative collection of ready-to-use geographic information. Better understand the patterns and trends you see in your data with information that puts everything into context. Sign up to be notified when Plus is released November 2017.

As a Plus Subscriber, you will be able to:

  • Access global demographics
  • Access verified ready-to-use data, curated from authoritative sources
  • Access more basemaps including satellite imagery and terrain
  • Map and view more locations on your visualization

Be notified when Plus is released

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