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The New ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension

Esri created new extension specifically for utility professionals in the electric, gas, water, sewer, and stormwater industries. It's called the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension and it's designed to improve the way you deliver, manage, and analyze your data.

Cross Platform Support

Deliver network data to crews in the field and staff in the office. Utility Network works natively across the entire ArcGIS platform to provide capabilities that easily integrate with mission-critical and third-party systems. It's completely services driven, with ArcGIS Pro as the initial client. In upcoming releases you will see expanded support in Esri apps, runtime SDKs, and web APIs.

Build a Modern Utility Network

Manage your data like never before. Capabilities of Utility Network include 3D connectivity, device and structural associations, multi-point terminal connections, and lifecycle attributes.

Never Be in the Dark

Use the advanced analytical capabilities of Utility Network to more effectively understand your network. You can conduct traces, build network diagrams, and validate the connectivity of your data.

Discover More Opportunities

Base data models will be available for electric, gas, and water with the beta release, and others to follow. Base data models give customers and partners a better starting point for their solution on top of the Utility Network.




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