Activity Based Intelligence

Discovery Intelligence for Resolving the Unknown

Intelligence organizations are seeing the value of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) and discovery intelligence. The implementation of ABI involves the convergence of new sources of intelligence information, advancements in technology like big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), and an innovative way of thinking about intelligence production. This has created great opportunities and challenges for organizations. GEOINT agencies need to lead the way and lend their expertise to realize the promise of ABI. Below you will find an array of content that will go more in depth on this topic.

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Implementing Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) Workflows Using ArcGIS

Attend our webinar to dive deeper into Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI). Learn ways to utilize focused applications to capture structured observations. You'll hear ways to leverage real-time and big data analytics tools for pattern of life analysis and much more.

Application of GIS Software for Activity-Based Intelligence

In this video you will learn how to perform real-time and forensic analysis by harnessing the power of discovery intelligence through GIS and ABI to resolve the unknown(s). Watch the presentation and demo here.

Discover the Unknown Using Activity-Based Intelligence and GIS

Download our brochure on ABI, learn more about the 4 pillars of ABI, and share with your colleagues.

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