ArcGIS for Fraud, Waste,
and Abuse Webinar Series

Real Solutions through Location

Government agencies continue to lose billions of dollars each year due to fraud, waste, and abuse. Agencies tasked with fraud prevention are under tremendous pressure to conduct predictive analysis and keep fraudulent activity from happening. ArcGIS provides the Office of Inspector General with an innovative, location-based solution to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

In this webinar series, we will show you how Esri technology enables you to aggregate location information from inside and outside your organization; visualize it in a meaningful way; and use it to analyze patterns, detect trends, and stay one step ahead of fraud.

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4 Ways GIS Helps Fight Fraud

GovLoop and Esri share best practices and tips to how agencies can use GIS to help fight fraud. Learn why fraud continues to be a challenge for agencies, how mapped data empowers fraud investigations, and how maps can help agencies find anomalies faster to save agencies money.

Launching a Location Platform for Office of Inspector General

Learn about information products included in The ArcGIS platform designed specifically for the Office of Inspector General, including easily configurable apps and templates that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Office.

Getting Started With ArcGIS to Identify and Detect Patterns of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Esri experts and GIS users from this community will showcase how to get started with ArcGIS to identify and detect patterns of fraud, waste and abuse. Participants will learn how GIS reveals patterns of fraud, waste, and abuse, and helps agencies enhance case prioritization by improving detection and prediction workflows. Discover how Insights for ArcGIS can visualize, analyze, and tell your story like never before.

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