Esri AgTech Program

Making Agriculture Even Smarter

Esri’s AgTech Program provides geospatial tools to optimize overall farm management, maximize resources during the growing season, and provide a deep understanding of crop yield. Whether you are an ag retailer looking to optimize production, a solution provider looking to build on a rich, powerful geographic information systems (GIS) platform, or an organization looking for smart templates, easy-to-deploy widgets and expertise, Esri can help.

Integrate. Simplify. Deliver.

Mastery over spatial data is a vital component of any solution. The Esri AgTech Program supports agribusiness in

  • Making meaningful maps and visualizing and sharing analysis.
  • Ingesting data from imagery, drones, field observations, and connected assets.
  • Tackling big data, raster analytics, and geostatistics.

Empower Your Agribusiness

Large growers, co-ops, ag retailers, and input suppliers

Put your maps to work, optimize production, and increase your bottom line.

Map, visualize, and share existing data, then take it to the next level for

Crop health monitoring

Farm field management

Asset tracking

Take your maps to the field and seamlessly deliver your observations back to the office with our suite of apps and templates.

Build Your Solution

Precision ag firms, consultants, agronomists, solution providers, and startups

Build your solution using the most powerful GIS platform in the world.

Differentiate your solution and shorten development cycles with

Powerful and flexible APIs

An open platform

Data and templates that are ready for action

With flexible licensing, content, training, and a strong partner program, we provide what you need to succeed.

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