More for Your Maps and Apps

The ArcGIS Online March update features enhancements to visualization and mapping, plus more control for all you administrators.

Vector Tiles

Publish vector tile layers as hosted tile layers. Beta versions of Esri vector basemaps now have additional layers such as elevation points and physiographic places. Vector basemaps are available as vector tile layers and maps.


What Can You Do With Vector Tile Layers?


Display in the map viewer

Use in custom basemap galleries

Publish in web apps using configurable apps

Update styles to create maps and apps

3D Web Apps

Create 3D web apps based on a scene. Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS includes a set of new widgets and themes with specific 3D tools and layouts. Use new 3D configurable apps to compare, visualize, and showcase scenes.


Smart Mapping

It’s the new style ... Check out map styles made to illuminate multiple attributes in your data. Predominant Category and Predominant Category & Size let you compare related attributes in a layer and identify the one that’s predominant.

Map Viewer

Look for two advances that make the map viewer more functional and fun.

Basemaps with Multiple Layers

Take a base imagery layer and add a map image layer with reference labels on top of it. Or combine multiple base layers. Add layer types that are supported as basemap layers to your multilayer basemap.

Change Your Route, En Route

When you’re using the map viewer to get driving directions, you can now make changes to the route. Simply drag your route on the map to update it and get turn-by-turn directions.


Try the new Choose Best Facilities tool to determine the optimal facilities based on your criteria.

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Building apps just got better. Now you can modify your map without leaving the app. Build 3D apps with scenes and add pop-up links for direct access to Directions and Edit widgets. Modify default symbols and color ramps for styling layers, or add your own custom symbol.


What Can You Do With Widgets?

Edit: A new display field lets you choose attributes for display-only when performing editing.


Situational Awareness: Create or select an incident on the map. Analyze information from feature layers within the area or a specified distance.


Near Me: Find features near a specified location. Get details and directions related to those features.

District Lookup: Find location and information for point features related to a selected polygon. Get directions to a selected point feature.

ArcGIS Content

The world keeps changing. So does our ability to map it. Look for updates to imagery and data to keep your cartography sharp and fresh. You get:

  • More apt categories for Esri Featured Content from the Living Atlas of the World
  • GeoEnrichment and demographic maps for many countries, updated with recent data
  • World Imagery map updates include the Arctic region, Asia, and more using Landsat 8 imagery



You say who, you say when. Choose whether to allow members to edit and display biographical information, to select who can see their profiles, and to show social media links on item details or group pages. Need guidance? We created guides to help ArcGIS Online administrators learn more about launching, promoting, and administering ArcGIS Online.


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