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Portal for ArcGIS Is the Hub for Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit Programs

Command, control, and intelligence (C2I) systems ingest vast amounts of information, process complex and dynamic situations, and then disseminate a common situational understanding to everyone using the system so that the commander's intent is realized and achieved. The Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK) was created to help deliver interoperability across all US DoD programs of record. Working from a common map ensures that actionable intelligence is communicated accurately and quickly. The web GIS pattern helps warfighters and planners create and share dynamic content across an entire organization, regardless of client form factor, from desktops and tablets to mobile devices and in-vehicle systems.

Portal for ArcGIS, which was added to CJMTK in 2015, is a powerful part of web GIS. Web GIS enables web services to provide all the features of ArcGIS Online but inside secure environments. Simple, custom, configurable, role-based applications leverage web services, intelligence products, and analysis from your C2I system anywhere, on any device. This webinar explores the power of Portal for ArcGIS and how it can help you deliver capability to the warfighter.



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