Exploiting National Imagery with ArcGIS

Modernizing Imagery Workflows

National Imagery for the Analyst
Esri provides capabilities to work with national imagery, including National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF) and National Technical Means (NTM) imagery.

Image Coordinate System
The Imagery Coordinate System (ICS) capability for ArcGIS enables the display of NTM imagery without distortion or warping. It is ideal for use with oblique imagery and mensuration. Geographic information system (GIS) layers can be projected onto the imagery with minimal loss of geospatial accuracy.

NITF is a data storage format that packs imagery, annotation, and metadata into a single file. The NITF for ArcGIS extension permits the display and export of NATO Secondary Imagery Format (NSIF) 1.0 and the ISO/IEC Basic Imagery Interchange Format (BIIF). This no-cost extension facilitates the interoperability between systems through the transfer of imagery and supporting data between applications used by analysts.

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ArcGIS Full Motion Video
The ArcGIS Full Motion Video add-in enables analysts to quickly and easily analyze video data within the ArcGIS environment, whether the data is captured from drones, manned aircraft, or other platforms. Rapidly search a collection of videos by location, time, and other video attributes. Directly use video with Motion Imagery Standards Board (MISB) formatted metadata or use the Multiplexer tool to convert video to MISB-compatible format. Learn more about ArcGIS Full Motion Video.

The National Imagery Technology Extension (NITE) for ArcGIS product enables the ArcGIS platform to ingest and exploit NTM imagery. The product is available to government organizations with the appropriate authorization to receive it. NITE for ArcGIS enables more effective access to NTM imagery and provides new functional capability to assist in the exploitation of that imagery within the ArcGIS platform. NITE for ArcGIS integrates with the Mensuration Services Program (MSP) software capability.

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