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Give Yourself the Ability to Collect, Analyze, and Share Your Data More Efficiently

Get accurate information to and from your mobile workforce and citizens in real time by using a mobile government strategy. Use this information to populate dashboards for a better record of what is going on in your community. Share relevant information from your mobile workforce with the rest of your organization and the public to enhance engagement. Analyze this data as it comes in so that you can make better-informed decisions and gain insight into your community.

Esri is committed to helping governments get the most out of their GIS investment through the use of mobile technology and support.

Modernize Your Next Mobile Data Collection

Esri's solutions for mobile data collection empower your organization to collect, geoenable, and analyze data with greater speed and precision.

  • Create accurate, authoritative data for your collection
  • Share results with stakeholders in your organization and the community
  • Enhance your decision-making ability

What You Get

Field Ops Pro

Turn your mobile strategy into a highly efficient and synchronized operation.

Field Ops Pro provides everything you need to:

  • Enhance your plans for field data collection operations with up-to-date maps and simple analytics.
  • Easily coordinate field projects and assign tasks in real time and reduce operational expenses.
  • Get your field crews to the next project site on time and ready to go to work.
  • Simplify field data collection by using familiar devices, such as smartphones.
  • Stay on top of every aspect of field data collection activities with a real-time dashboard to track your assets.

Field Ops Drone

Make sure your investment in drone technology pays dividends with every mission.

Field Ops Drone includes everything in Field Ops Pro plus an amazing drone imagery data processing engine:

  • Turn drone-captured still imagery orthomosaics into3D meshes in just minutes
  • Save time and money by replacing costly conventional survey techniques
  • Create professional-quality imagery products for visualization and analysis
  • Quickly make use of imagery captured in difficult-to-access areas
  • Simplify inspections of critical infrastructure, special-event venues, environmental conditions, and more

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