Modernizing National Government Webinar Series

Creating the Maps that Run National Government

Responding to issues of national priority requires accurate and secure information products that are readily available to aid in decision-making. National governments have a mandate to provide this information to their citizens but are challenged with the pace of change and ever-evolving technologies. Modern systems and processes are required to transform large quantities of data into products that can be used to address a nation's most pressing issues. By implementing the ArcGIS platform, national governments can more effectively meet the needs of citizens with secure, authoritative information while also reducing operational costs.

In this webinar series, you will learn how the ArcGIS platform can enable your organization to

  • Do more with less by using ArcGIS to streamline workflows.
  • Produce authoritative information products more efficiently.
  • Quickly adapt to ongoing changes in information technology while maintaining the security and integrity of the data.
  • Collect, manage, produce, and share information products that help solve national problems.
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Modernizing National Government

National governments are using ArcGIS to transform workflows and meet the needs of citizens. Participants will learn how to achieve significant return on investment by leveraging innovative geospatial technology to modernize business processes.

Extending Imagery to the Cloud for Infinitely Scalable Raster Analytics

GIS has modernized the collection and management of massive quantities of data from multiple sensors, enabling organizations to quickly interpret and make use of the information. Learn how ArcGIS goes far beyond traditional imagery applications to provide modern imagery management capabilities, raster analytical tools capable of running in distributed environments, and improved imagery services for final product dissemination that supports massive files.

Transforming Foundational Production and Analysis for Better Governance

ArcGIS is revolutionizing the production and analysis of geospatial information, providing unprecedented value to users. Learn how to harness the power of ‘where’ to quickly and accurately produce maps, data, web services, apps, and many other information products using the data you collect.

Applying GIS to Issues of National Importance

November 29 | 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (EDT)

ArcGIS is your system of engagement to share valuable information for evidence-based decision making. Discover how national governments are disseminating valuable information products to empower their citizens.

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