Use GIS to Create and Implement Your Public Health Preparedness Strategy

In a community emergency, the decisions that you make can prevent or minimize the loss of life; accelerate response to emerging threats; and, ultimately, put you a step ahead of disaster. With geographic information system (GIS) technology, making these decisions is easier.

With GIS, mapping and data analysis help you plan for disaster scenarios and be better prepared for whatever nature or human events throw at you. This software package includes everything you need to optimize your preparedness plans so that you are in control when disaster strikes.

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What You Get

Develop Your Preparedness Strategy with ArcGIS

  • Data management, image processing, analytics, and advanced visualization
  • Enrich your data with demographic, lifestyle, and spending data to present powerful population insights
  • Monitor and respond in real time to changes in daily operations
  • Take your strategy into the field for easy, accurate data collection
  • Create mapping apps that assist in getting the job done easier and with greater efficiency
  • Develop interactive, attractive map-based stories to inform stakeholders, decision makers and the public

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