The Science of Where for Sustainable Development Webinar Series

The world’s challenges are as diverse as the people who experience them. Whether your organization is passionate about ending poverty, gender inequality, or food insecurity, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of issues such as these and how to overcome them with Esri technology. Use sound data and intelligent mapping tools to better understand the earth’s complex systems. Harness the power of where to get a global picture of key sustainability dilemmas—and develop a truly transformative approach to creating change.

You are invited to an exclusive webinar series where you can learn more about:

  • Story Maps and the SDGs
  • GIS Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Planning Effective Programs
  • Measuring Your Impact
  • Strengthening Your Partnerships

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Story Maps and the SDGs

Join Allen Carroll and Brendan O’Neill to explore the world of multimedia, web-based story maps. Learn how to create story maps that inform people about your non-profit organization’s goals and activities. Story maps can call attention to social issues and inspire people to take action. The webinar will introduce you to story maps and will include demos of several popular storytelling apps.

GIS Solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals

This webinar will feature real world examples of how GIS supports each of these steps, and how you can get started leveraging a state of the art GIS platform to strengthen and amplify your work.

Planning & Prioritizing Sustainable Development Investments/Activities

In this webinar, we will discuss GIS workflows that can help maximize the impact of our projects and programs, and optimize staff and budgetary resources.

Monitoring & Evaluation for Sustainable Development Programs

In this webinar, we will present GIS tools and methodologies that help us collect data and analyze it in order to assess the effectiveness of our programs.

Engaging Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

While traditionally a data collection and analysis tool, GIS has evolved to enable our work to be shared and integrated in an unprecedented manner.

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