Smart Installations
Webinar Series

Smart Installations Promote Readiness

Esri is hosting a webinar series dedicated to smart installations. The webinars include an overview of the series and topics such as specific benefits in work space management and in sustainability, safety, and resiliency.

Each webinar highlights a different subject relevant to installation commanders, facility managers, and campus administrators as well as their staff and workforce.

Past Webinars

Smart Installations: Overview

Smart installations promote operational readiness while connecting all departments and providing shared understanding, in real time, of resources, assets, and activities to facilitate decision-making.

Smart Installations: Smart Workplace

Effective workplace planning and space management increase employee productivity. Map a floor plan that minimizes distractions and maximizes teamwork. Learn how to quickly improve operations, productivity, collaboration, and sharing.

Smart Installations: Sustainable Installation

Use authoritative data and intelligent mapping tools to better understand your installation. Harness The Science of Where to get your installation picture of significant sustainability challenges—and develop a truly transformative approach to creating change.

Smart Installations: GIS Applications for Smart Installations

GIS improves operational readiness by linking together all aspects of a smart installation, providing shared situational awareness and improved efficiency.

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