Let Esri Show You the Secrets to Success

Every day the world grows more intricate. Modern governments embrace smart technologies to help manage the challenges of civic service but are unaware at times of how to advance the process. We developed the Starting Smart Guide to help governments navigate through the complexities of building a sustainable smart community.

You'll discover the following:

  • Critical traits that define a smart community
  • Necessary first steps
  • Stages of maturity
  • Considerations that need attention
  • Framework of what you are building

  • By reading this guide, you'll form a solid understanding of what it takes to start and progress to a smart community. From the organization of field personnel to the importance of real-time data feeds, we've outlined what it takes to make your smart strategies successful initiatives.

    If you're weighing how to expand intelligent information collection and evidence-based decision-making in your government, be sure you have all the information to start smart.

    Download the Smart Guide