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Location Powers the Telecom of the Future

Geospatial technology can improve collaboration and empower decision makers. It is radically changing how companies increase revenue, decrease costs, and reduce time-to-market.

All business information has a direct relationship to the network and the location of assets and customers connected to it. Every performance issue, service request, outage, congestion point, interconnection, and demand surge—basically every data point—can be mapped and shared.

—Stratecast Analysis by Tim McElligott, Frost & Sullivan

To take advantage of geospatial technology you need an effective location strategy. Make sure to stop by the Esri booth at TMForum Live! To discuss a location strategy for your organization.

The Frost & Sullivan Report

Map making continues to evolve with such techniques as 3D imaging; however, real change lies ahead as GIS taps into deep oceans of data, making itself invaluable to companies needing to better visualize their network, their business and their customers. This document looks at how Esri, a Redlands, Calif.-based GIS company, has embraced data for solving today’s network and business challenges.

Visit us at our booth to receive a free Frost & Sullivan Report

Spotlight on Innovation

Don’t miss this year’s Catalyst demonstrations at TM Forum Live!, where Esri and partners will showcase three innovative approaches and technical solutions to common business challenges, including:

Omni Channel – The OmniChannel Catalyst team will address three specific business problems operators face: complexity, reactiveness and churn. The catalyst will introduce an omnichannel solution that creates personalized, proactive customer care experiences using analytics to identify the next best action for customers.

OmniShop – The Omnishop Catalyst solves challenges by proposing digital architecture alignment with legacy systems like product catalog, customer management etc. to minimize disruption with legacy backend systems while reducing time to market to roll out new capabilities and offers across multiple channels.

Smart Life: My home, my city, my planet - This Catalyst will look to demonstrate the foundation for building an agile ecosystem capable of delivering a broad range of Smart Digital Services and demonstrate how different vertical domains could be interconnected. This catalyst will involve two scenarios centered on a customer. The customer could be an individual consumer or a business.

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